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Our sister company, Pantheon Leadership, provides our non-search advisory services. The team share the purpose and values with Per Ardua Associates, fully committed to delivering to all leaders of today and the talent of tomorrow, elevating the best of this generation of the next, regardless of lived experience. 

Experts in senior level dynamics, team effectiveness and maximising individual potential, whether through profiling, coaching or tailored programmes, Pantheon Leadership is a specialist in Financial Services businesses, from start-up to global corporate.  When required, they can draw on the expertise of the executive search team to bring in external market perspectives, and share the similar value of being up-front with clients; their Associates are measured on their performance for our clients.

Leadership Advisory

Our Core Services

Pantheon’s core services include: Executive & Board Assessment; Executive Coaching, onboarding and succession, and candidate profiling.

Our values

We turn down business if we cannot, or should not, take it on. We believe it’s not about us, it’s about you. We support your success in all our interventions

Meet the Team

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