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Leadership Advisory

At Pantheon, we elevate leadership capability. We stand alongside the leaders of today and the talent of tomorrow, delivering outcomes for individuals, teams and organisations.


Our senior advisory work in Financial Services covers the waterfront of our clients’ needs, driving and developing leadership performance.  


At the forefront of our industry, with a blend of executive experience and technical expertise, we’re a trusted advisory partner to those who value specialist knowledge, guidance, and experience, delivered collaboratively and courageously. Together, we strive for positive change and being greater than the sum of our parts.

Welcome to Pantheon

Our Experience

When you work with us, you’ll see the expression of our values in all that we do. Thoughtful and deliberate in our approach, we provide tailored support to stimulate growth and value, driven through your senior leadership.

Our Purpose

At Pantheon, purpose matters and defines the way we work.


Our purpose is to partner with this generation and the next, to enable elevation of the best. Our expertise ensures continuity of excellence.


Diversity, equity and inclusion are the cornerstones of our approach to developing leaders, identifying and promoting leadership potential, for now and for our futures.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We’re fully committed to promoting diversity, equity and inclusion in our interventions, and work closely with clients on several initiatives to support this agenda. Within Pantheon we champion inclusion across our team and our projects. 

We are an international firm with eight core areas of expertise.

Asset Management
Consumer Financial Services
Corporate OfficeRs
Human Resources
FinTech & Digital
Real Estate

Our Expertise


Board Dynamics and Effectiveness
Executive Dynamics and Effectiveness


Profiling to support Leadership Selection
Profiling for Executive Development
Succession planning and role transitions


Executive Coaching
Systemic Executive Team Coaching

Our Thinking

We initiate, innovate and inspire. We research, reflect and realise. Read more about how our data-driven thinking delivers positive change for boards, executive teams, and businesses.