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About Pantheon

Individually we are leading specialists, and together we collaborate to produce great work in our industries, across the globe: Insurance, Consumer Financial Services, Asset & Wealth Management, Real Estate, Corporate Offices, Technology, Digital and FinTech, Human Capital and Board.

Psychology, strategy, and business are the foundation of our knowledge, and we have a deep understanding of our individual markets to deliver our services: Board and executive dynamics, profiling to support selection and development, senior executive and board individual and team coaching.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to work at Board and Executive level to elevate the best of this generation and the next. We are leading advisors to the most senior in the Financial Services sector. It is our knowledge, our experience, and our methodology which places us at the forefront of advisory practise.

Our knowledge is embodied in our team – individual specialists working collectively, combining their experience, learning and reflecting, challenging and collaborating. With academic calibre, our experience is strategic and understands the complex business environment in which we operate.

Our style is thoughtful and inclusive, whilst also dynamic, fun, and courageous, and our intention is to develop relationships with our clients which are sustainable, proactively long-term, and proven to be effective.

As a global business we bring understanding of international challenges, perspectives and solutions. We work in partnership with our clients, mutually invested in success.


Our results illustrate this purpose-led, partnership approach. 

Our Team

We’ve curated a world class team who, individually, are leading specialists in individual markets, and together collaborate to produce new insight, fusing data with powerful knowledge of psychology, strategy, and international business – the foundation of our knowledge. A culture of collaboration and knowledge sharing ensures that we create the optimum combination of specialists to drive development for each of our clients.

Individual expertise, collective results, outstanding impact.


Global Reach

Financial Services is a global phenomenon. Our clients operate across national and regional boundaries, constantly evolving their model to stay ahead of the ever-changing forces of the markets. We recognise their need for evolved leaders who understand this complex dynamic and have the experience, qualities and behaviours to inspire success through change. We elevate talent and teams to sustain or become the best in financial centres across the world.

Our Expertise


Board Dynamics and Effectiveness
Executive Dynamics and Effectiveness


Profiling to support Leadership Selection
Profiling for Executive Development
Succession planning and role transitions


Executive Coaching
Systemic Executive Team Coaching

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We are committed to diversity, equality and inclusion, and that commitment influences every area of our work. We know that gender and ethnic representation in organisations, especially at senior levels, doesn’t yet reflect broader society, and we’re working to change this. We don’t have all the answers, but we ask the right questions.

We are fully committed to promoting diversity in our interventions and work closely with clients on initiatives to support this agenda. With both an ethical and economic case for diversity, we champion it across our team, our projects, and our clients. Inclusivity and diverse representation are markers for a healthy culture.


We embrace diversity in all its forms – cognitive, cultural, social, generational, and functional. We are committed to working toward equity and inclusion for all.


We know that only a truly diverse workforce will be able to attract and retain the best talent to serve the organisational purpose and vision, gain a more complete understanding of opportunities and issues, foster better decision-making, and achieve competitive advantage.


Talented people are celebrated and valued at Pantheon Leadership whatever their age, race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion, beliefs, or other characteristics. We are blind to difference but always open to different ways of thinking. We are committed to providing the best solutions to deliver results for our clients.


Our work is intentionally impartial and fair, to support equal outcomes for individuals. We consider the characteristics of inclusion, striving to create teams and places which create and elevate belonging and value as a positive outcome.

Our Thinking

We initiate, innovate and inspire. We research, reflect and realise. Read more about how our data-driven thinking delivers positive change for boards, executive teams, and businesses.