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What We Can Do for You

Doing business with Pantheon Leadership is a fundamentally different experience. Our team has significant expertise, both in and outside Financial Services and we are specialists in our field – we have a deep understanding of psychology, strategy and business, as well as a deep understanding of individual markets.

Performance for our clients is what drives us. Our independence and creativity means we can confidently advise the best solution for you based on our experience, rather than on ‘off the shelf’ in house option. We don’t simply take a brief, we help shape it, while being powerful advocates for our clients, standing alongside them to achieve results they didn’t think were possible.

Our Expertise


Board Dynamics and Effectiveness
Executive Dynamics and Effectiveness


Profiling to support Leadership Selection
Profiling for Executive Development
Succession planning and role transitions


Executive Coaching
Systemic Executive Team Coaching


Board and Executive dynamics and effectiveness

Through Board Effectiveness Reviews, or cultural dynamics work, we elevate collective performance at the top of organisations, whether at Executive or Non-Executive level.


Given the dance of internal transformation and external disruption, we recognise the need to raise collective capability, build strong relationships and reconnect through uncertainty with a collective purpose and playbook. Whether ensuring vision remains relevant, safeguarding the adaptability of strategy, or working through collective dynamics with strength and fitness to lead future growth, we work in partnership, facing challenges together.

Profiling to support leadership selection

Working alongside the Executive Search industry, we provide profiling and assessment services to support growth through successful new appointments.

We map and equip for the strong, inclusive future you have, supporting decision making and reducing bias with a robust and objective framework to gather objective and benchmarked data and enable insight.

Profiling for Executive development

Even the best leaders can be even better. Using our robust profiling approach we identify critical levers for success in current roles, and in preparing for new ones. Anchoring insight into corporate culture, we work with our clients to create ongoing development plans, supporting the retention of key talent and the elevation of potential.

Succession planning and role transitions

Our purpose is to partner this generation and the next, to elevate the best. Supporting our clients to transition the leaders of today, and to objectively identify and develop the leaders of tomorrow is core to delivering to this purpose. Whether you’re considering an individual role transition, or a mapping of organisational senior leadership succession and ‘what makes good, great’ we can define a tailored approach to enable you to achieve the outcomes you need. We work to promote all potential, wherever it may be in the organisation, accurately designing development arcs to support where the executives need to be.

Executive Coaching

We are a collective of professional coaches and psychologists, experienced and credentialed to handle what emerges in the human condition, organisational system or macro-environmental context. Our team of expert coaches understand challenges of the type you face into and bring their practical experience and knowledge to the table. Through our individual coaching programmes, we strengthen agility and effectiveness, working on mindset, influence, stamina, strategy and renewed success aligned to systemic needs. Our programmes vary from an initial 6 months to a maximum of 18 months.

Systemic Executive Team coaching

We offer a systemic team coaching framework for senior leadership teams committed to their collective development in how they work together to execute strategy, lead the ‘tone from the top’ and make enabling structural or systemic decisions.


Through systemic team coaching, we work with you over a period of 12-18 months to release answers, create space, and stimulate catalytic thought. We support you to lead courageously and find clarity, creating certainty through cohesion and connection. Our work in this sphere is recognised for sensitive, relevant, world-class advice, while we may agitate and challenge, we help you to move forward as a collective leadership unit, greater than the sum of your parts.

Our Thinking

We initiate, innovate and inspire. We research, reflect and realise. Read more about how our data-driven thinking delivers positive change for boards, executive teams, and businesses.