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We work alongside our sister company, Per Ardua Associates.

Per Ardua is united around a common mission – to enable our clients to exceed their ambitions by identifying the best talent. We are an owner-managed business specialising in recruiting leaders in financial services. As a team, our focus on excellence and shared values drives us, but our passion is also underpinned by a recognition of our position of responsbility and our social impact. We strive to surpass the expectations of those we meet and care deeply about the legacy we leave behind.

Founded in 2008, we have developed a long track record of working closely with organisations across financial services and technology. We exist to serve our clients and the candidates they seek, and from the very start recognised that collaboration and unselfish behaviour is critical to maintaining this absolute focus. We have no silos: everyone at Per Ardua is incentivised to form the best team for a particular client requirement, no matter what.

Leadership Advisory