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How can you judge a bank CEO?

Stephen Hester – Chief Executive – press and media

Personally, I think most people have probably had enough of the banking bonus press coverage. This Economist article is an interesting one because I believe it fails to cover one important aspect of the issue over RBS. Right now the Chief Executive is Stephen Hester and at the moment, as the article suggests, he is clearing up the mess he did not create. This cannot be done overnight and on the whole, most would agree, he is on the right journey and things are moving in the right direction. Who else would do this job? Stephen has openly stated that this is less about the money and much more about getting the job done and seeing RBS through on a full turnaround. Personally, I think he is doing a super job and there are very few in this country who could do the same or would want to do the same. It is about time the press got behind this and interestingly, I think the recent interviews and coverage would seem to be softer on him and particularly in bringing out some of the human aspects.

I hope he keeps going, does not take the press coverage to heart and continues on this important journey of returning this bank’s value to the country. Well done Stephen.

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