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Per Ardua Associates has a long history of attending the Monte Carlo Rendez-Vous insurance summit held annually for insurers, reinsurers, brokers and reinsurance consultants.

Simon Hearn said when questioned about why he chose to set up during a recession,

‘the insurance industry was relatively unharmed compared to other parts of the financial services sector’

Still to this day we’ve found the same to be true and have been busier than ever with insurance assignments. Roll on the next Rendez-Vous this September 2014.

The summits have always been eventful, and 2012 was no exception. Simon Hearn was spotted diving into the harbour at night from a quayside restaurant wearing a suit. His mission? To rescue an expensive high heeled shoe dropped into the water by his wife, Henrietta. Since then we haven’t caused quite as much of a stir, but have enjoyed the great choice of location and buzzing atmosphere.