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This year’s annual BASH (Bosses’s Annual Secret Happening), was again a secret until a few days beforehand and kept us closer to home with day trip to the Isle of Wight.


Rather than taking the Red Link ferry across to the Island, we were met at Leamington Marina by two 7m ribs, packed with 150 horsepower Suzuki engines which blasted across the Solent. Via a quick trip around to Scratchells Bay to see the Needles, we made our way to The Hut, Yarmouth for lunch in the sun.


Greeted with a Methuselah of rose, lunch was certainly entertaining and only emphasised the great culture we have at Per Ardua. Having been treated to some delicious food and another bottle or two of rose, the journey back on the ribs was a little more entertaining than our initial ride over.


Another fantastic day for the annual BASH!