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Per Ardua hosted its annual Female Leaders Dinner

Per Ardua hosted its annual Female Leaders Dinner at the Ivy restaurant in the City with a number of high profile female leaders from across the financial services sector – we were lucky to have Gabby Bertin as our guest speaker who led a lively debate on the increasingly important role needed between Government and Business Leaders. Gabby (Baroness Bertin) is currently the youngest member of the House of Lords having been nominated for a life peerage as part of David Cameron’s Resignation Honours List on 2nd September 2016. She is also the Strategic Communications and Campaign Director for BT and gave us a fascinating insight in to her time at No.10 as well as the increasing need for diversity of thought in the House of Lords.

It proved to be a great opportunity to ask Gabby a range of challenging questions, particularly around the government’s increase of regulation across the FS sector and provided an excellent opportunity for senior women to network across asset management, real estate, private equity, banking and insurance.

Many thanks to Gabby for her time and support during the evening.

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