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Per Ardua hosted its annual Female Leaders Dinner

Per Ardua hosted its annual Female Leaders Dinner at the Ivy restaurant in the City with a number of high profile women from across the financial services sector last week – we were very lucky to have Azita Raji as our guest speaker who led a lively debate on world trade, foreign policy and diplomacy. Azita is an American diplomat who served under Barack Obama as the US ambassador to Sweden and was later appointed on the President’s Commission on White House Fellows, one of America’s most prestigious programs for leadership and public service. From her investment banking background, Azita has leveraged her expertise to drive social impact and serve in a variety of leadership roles on national and not-for-profit boards and commissions.

It proved to be a great opportunity to ask Azita a number of challenging questions about world affairs and and as ever, the evening provided an excellent opportunity for senior women to increase their networks across a range of financial services and not-for-profit sectors.

Many thanks to Azita for her time and support during the evening as well as to all our guests for attending and adding to the debate and enjoyment of the evening.

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