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Pantheon Announcement

Per Ardua Associates has continued to attract new talent as Pantheon Leadership goes from strength to strength. Carrie Coombs joins to strengthen our leadership advisory offering.    Jennifer Jones (Director

Pantheon Announcement

Per Ardua Associates has attracted new talent to build out Pantheon Leadership. Gaëlle Pritchard and Lucy Pearce join to strengthen our Leadership Advisory offering.    Jennifer Jones (Director and Practice

Women on boards

The conclusion not to introduce quotas alongside the targets set for female representation on Boards is interesting.  FTSE 100 companies have until 2015 to get to 25% female Board representation. 

CEO Succession: Getting Your Successor on a Board

In this article in Business Week, Beverly Behan looks at the the value of board assignments for CEO’s and CEO’s in training through an interview with Arrow Electronics Chairman Bill Mitchell. We

The boardroom verdict

In this article in Marketing Week, Lucy Handley highlights the challenges facing different organisations in the way they run their marketing functions.  It suggests that the current generation of marketers

Corporate governance divides opinion

An article in the Financial Times reports on executive attitudes to EU-wide guidelines on corporate governance conducted by law firm Allen & Overy. Well done Mark Wippell at Allen &

How to create an outstanding CFO

This article draws out the strategic nature of the CFO role. In the financial services sector, and life insurance in particular, which is a very complex to explain financially, the


This is an excellent article from the Wall Street Journal (27th June).  Particularly within the Financial Services sector there has been an increased  trend of CFOs moving into the CEO role.

How can you judge a bank CEO?

Stephen Hester – Chief Executive – press and media Personally, I think most people have probably had enough of the banking bonus press coverage. This Economist article is an interesting